How can I make the best case possible?

In order to win your claim for Social Security disability benefits, we must show that you have either physical or mental conditions that make it impossible for you to work consistently.

In order to do that, your attorney must present medical evidence. It is very important you continue to get treatment for your condition so there is documentation of your claim. If you have no medical evidence to support your claim then you are unlikely to get disability. This includes continuing to see your doctor, therapist, and counselor and keeping that person updated of all of your medical concerns so that it is documented.

Further, it will be unlikely for you to win your case if you don't follow your medical provider's recommendations. This includes scheduling appointments, testing, therapy sessions and taking prescribed medications. You must show that you are trying to get better.

Also, keeping track of all of your conditions, doctors and medications is a challenge. Keep a journal of your visits to doctors, your pain, and your medications. Our attorneys will work diligently to make the best case possible. However, we can't get records from a Doctor or present evidence about a medication that we don't know about. If you keep a journal of this information you can bring it with you to your next meeting. It is also helpful to keep appointment cards and receipts from prescriptions.

You also must avoid using illegal drugs or drinking alcohol to excess.

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