A burglary is defined as "any person, having the intent to commit a felony, assault or theft therein, who, having no right, license or privilege to do so, enters an occupied structure, such occupied structure not being open to the public, or who remains therein after it is closed to the public or after the person's right, license or privilege to be there has expired, or any person having such intent who breaks an occupied structure, commits burglary."

Burglary can range from an aggravated misdemeanor which faces 2 year in prison to a Class B felony which faces 25 years in prison. Factors that increase a the penalty include:

  • Whether the crime was committed in a vehicle vs. a home or other structure.
  • Whether someone else was present when the burglary was committed.
  • Whether a dangerous weapon or incendiary or explosive devise was possessed during the burglary.
  • Whether bodily injury was suffered as a result of the burglary.
  • Whether sexual abuse was committed during the burglary.

If you are charged with burglary, you need a committed legal advocate on your side. Some issues that are important:

  • Whether or not the identity of the person charged can be proved.
  • Whether or not the person charged had authority to be on the structure or was invited in.
  • Whether or not the person charged intended to commit a theft, felony or assault.

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