How is child support decided?

Every court in Iowa follows the same formula when deciding child support. The Court determines what you and your ex's income are and then applies certain deductions that are allowed by Iowa law (such as tax deductions or health insurance payments).

Then the Court determines child support based on a formula that has been determined by Iowa Law. In Iowa, there is a rebuttable presumption that this formula (called the child support guidelines) should be followed.

The attorneys at Derek Johnson Law Office will work with you to determine support in a fair and accurate way. The child support guidelines don't take into account your expenses, your mortgage or your other bills. We will help educate you what the determines the child support guidelines. We will look at you and your spouse's income and present to the court an accurate formula that takes into account the proper deductions pursuant to Iowa law.

The attorneys at Derek Johnson Law Office provide services child support for those seeking child support and those paying child support. We will provide you a free initial consultation in Fort Dodge to discuss your case more. Call you child support attorney today at 515-955-2193 and 855-955-2193.