How do I Apply for Social Security Benefits?

You can apply for social security online at; or call to Social Security Administration's number at 1-800-772-1213 to make an appointment to file you claim.

You can also make an appointment at your local office to file a claim.

The process of applying for benefits requires a lot of information. It will be easier to apply if you have all of the information needed ready. Here is a list of information that will help you complete you application:

  • Your Social Security Number.
  • Your place of birth.
  • Your mother's maiden name.
  • Information about your current spouse (if applicable) and any former spouses including their name, date of birth, and date of marriage.
  • Your children's social security numbers.
  • The date you believe you became disabled. This is usually the date you last worked.
  • Names and addresses of all health care providers you have seen since becoming disabled.
  • Your medications and the dosage of such medications.
  • Your work history for the past 15 years including employers with dates of employment.

The Social Security Administration will also likely want your birth certificate and a copy of your most recent W-2 Form. It is important to be cooperative with providing this information because not providing it can result in delays in processing. The process of filing for Social Security is long so it is important to file as soon as you can. Oftentimes people are denied in the beginning but upon reviews or requests for rehearing they become eligible. Keep pushing through the appeal process. Our disability attorneys can help you.

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