Sexual Abuse

A conviction for sexual abuse can carry life-changing consequences.

There are many ways to commit sexual abuse. First there is a requirement of a sex act, which usually means some sort of anal, vagina, or oral sex or the touching of one of these areas. The level of the offense is typically determined by how the act is committed. For example, a sex act committed against a 12 year old, regardless of whether it was consensual is considered sexual abuse. Further, a sex act committed by force or against he will of another person is sexual abuse. Sexual abuse can also be charged is it was committed against someone whom was to drunk to consent or is to mentally incapacitated to consent.

Depending on the circumstances of the crime, the charge of sexual abuse can be a Class C felony facing up to 10 years in prison, a Class B felony facing up to 25 years in prison, or a Class A felony facing life in prison. Further there are mandatory prison sentences and mandatory minimum punishments depending on the offense. For any conviction of sexual abuse, a person faces registry on the sex offender registry, which can be a life changing consequence.

You can also be charged with other sexual related offenses such as Lascivious Acts with a Child, Indecent Exposure, Assault with Intent to Commit Sexual Abuse, Indecent Contact with a Child, Sexual Exploitation by a Counselor, Therapist or School Employee, other Sexual Misconduct Offenses involving your employment, or invasion of privacy. Most of these offenses involve less incarceration but still require registration on the sex offender registry.

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